Therapy is time set aside by you and the therapist to discuss together the issues that are troubling you. Depending on whether you are looking at short term therapy (6 to 10 sessions) or long term would determine your choice of what needs to be addressed. Short term therapy focuses on what is happening in your life now, so as to relieve your present suffering. Long term therapy might include talking about life events, feelings, big upsets, emotions, your relationships, your beliefs and how they affect you, and your patterns of behaviour. The therapist will help you to look at your issues, and together you will try to make sense of how and why there is such a struggle.

This is why it is so important that you like the therapist and feel connected to them as without this the intimacy needed to make sense of these struggles is not likely to happen.

Therapy is not about the therapist giving advice or trying to persuade you to take the therapist’s point of view. It is not the same as talking to a friend, parent or sibling because the therapist is not involved in your day to day life and is therefore objective and impartial.