Suffering comes in many shapes and sizes. It might be because of:
• Relationship issues
• Work stress
• A deep discontent that your life isn’t going the way you want
• The meaninglessness and pointlessness of life
• Sadness

Most people come into therapy for the above reasons – to get the particular issue ‘, fixed’ because they feel something is broken inside of them. They find a therapist who will hopefully do just that – fix them – and if successful they go back to their day to day living, being returned to the person they were before the upset. What they don’t realise is in many cases that whatever is giving them trouble is a sign of  unfolding towards greater growth and awareness. Most psychotherapies deal with ‘fixing’ – in other words the therapists trained in these various models think no further than helping the person get back to the place they were in before it went wrong.

Transpersonal psychotherapy (Psychosynthesis) recognizes that we come into life to grow and as part of that growth we will run into barriers that need to be overcome in order for that growth to happen. Sometimes its painful. As a Transpersonal psychotherapist I will endeavour to help you resolve the problem and then help you towards a higher place of wisdom and truth through self discovery.



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I also have number of clients abroad and successfully use Skype with the camera connection in the counselling work.
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